YourBox India Unboxing/ Experience

Hello Beautiful World,

       I know I haven’t been blogging as I was supposed to, I been going through a crazy busy weeks with my 9-5 office works.

      Well, anyways, coming to the point, I had subscribed for a month to YourBox India Subscription Box, and before I go in too details let me just tell you my worst experience with them

       I ordered to their box on 17th of December 2015. And as they say in their website Continue reading


CROCHET: Color changing for Beginners.

Hello Beautiful World,


                       When I started doing crochet again after years and the first time trying color change The point where I changed the color, it doesn’t look good. The way the previous color bites into the new color making it obvious, especially in circles.  Oh! Goodness, Me! It was a disaster. I’ve tried so many ways and there are so many different ways of changing colors in your crochet projects. This one is one that I use the most.  Continue reading



Hello Beautiful World,

           Before I begin I’d like wish everyone a “Very Happy & a Prosperous New Year.”

          2015 has been a hectic and a fruitful year for me, though it went lightning fast for me. I’ve had so many highs and lows, and I’ve grown so much in this year. I’ve got a new haircut, learned to do makeup. Took care of myself more, crocheted and knitted many projects, traveled a lot. Learned photography. I’m still learning all of the above and hope excel more. Continue reading


Nykaa Haul| Part 2

 Hello Beautiful World,

Just in time !!! I received these today morning. These too were bought during winter sale by Nykaa. Thank you Nykaa.


  1. Makeup Revolution Protection Palette – Light/Medium. Original price was ₹1350 & offer price was ₹ 1013.  The concealers are cream based. And the last one matches my skin tone. Other two makes my dark circles more grey-ish rather than concealing it. These palette is like 3 in 1 . It has 3 Super Blending Concealer & Silk Touch Anti Shine Powder & Contouring Kit.
  2. L’oréal Paris Mat Magique All-in-one Matte Transforming Powder. They sent me the wrong shade. I ordered N6 Nude Honey and they sent me N2 Nude Vanilla. Which is lighter than my shade. But no worries I love it. I got Kajal Magique free with it. The original price was ₹ 500 & offer price ₹ 400. Not much just ₹100 off. 
  3. Freedom Pro Eyebrow Kit – Light/Medium shade. Well the shades aren’t as I expected. The dark brown is more like a maroon-ish when I apply it on my brows but when I took a picture of my brows it doesn’t look maroon-ish so I’m happy with the product.  




Hello Beautiful World,


   I came to know about Nykaa from Facebook & from some YouTubers in India. So I was checking there site and I pretty much liked it. There were so many beauty products available & I thought okay lemme try buying from this site. So this is the first time I’ve purchased from Nykaa and the experience was good. I love the packaging.

  This is part A because half part of my order hasn’t arrived yet. But I’m pretty much satisfied with the products. When I saw the package, I thought that one of my product might be broken because the box was a bit damaged on the side but thankfully they packed it so nicely that everything was intact and nothing got damaged. I actually had bad experience once, as I got a broken pressed powder that I ordered from Slassy.com ( which  I think  isn’t working anymore)
Continue reading